3 Spoons And A Lesson On Prayer


My husband processed a common fowl rooster today.

(For those unfamiliar with the terminology, common fowls in Jamaica are the free-ranging chickens that forage, or are typically fed with food scraps🤗)

So, my husband cooked that rooster in the pressure cooker and used a little of the meat to make some soup. 

He strolled into the room with his bowl of soup, and then the children came in. 


“Daddy, I want some!”

My husband was of a different opinion:

“Not even my wife is getting any!”

We didn’t notice when the children left the room. But when I heard the sound of clanging metal approaching, I quickly realised what was about to go down:

“Your children have gone to get spoons”, I laughed.

And so it was – each child came happily with a spoon  and sat down around the bowl.

My husband still wouldn’t budge.

But then I got a revelation:

“Honey, this is faith in action! This is a picture of prayer!”

Pretty soon, the husband/father who had adamantly refused to share his precious soup, gave up the entire bowl to his three persistent children.


When you’re asking God for soup, go get a spoon!🥳🤣

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