What Do My Children Watch on TV?

Here’s a funny story: I remember once when someone found out my children don’t watch a popular cartoon (which will remain unnamed), she blurted out: “So what do they watch? That sounds boring?!” Maybe you’re reading this and share the same viewpoint. But I’m here to tell you that “safe media” isn’t and doesn’t always … Read more

Easy DIY Deodorant!!

If you’re like me (a woman who always loves a good bargain), this article is right up your ally! (Welcome back to our blog and I encourage you to share this article with a friend:] And just so you know, there are some affiliate links in this article, so if you click and make a … Read more

Mommy, are you Sure you Married the Right Man (and Other Profound Questions my Children Have Asked)

They sometimes hit like a boulder. Most catch me off-guard. I’m talking about the questions my children ask! Let’s jump right into some of the ones that stand out! Mommy, is Jesus the Cornerstone of our Faith? My 6-year-old son unexpectedly blurted out this when we were on our way to church. I’m not sure … Read more

God is With Us!

On another mom-children sojourn with my parents, it happened that the children’s grandparents went out of the house. My youngest daughter seemed to suddenly notice that we were the only ones in the house and said: “Grandma and grandpa are gone. Now we are all by ourselves.” My son was quick to comfort her: “God … Read more

Mommy I Want To Pray!

As I was praying with my daughters before bed (their brother had already gone to sleep 🤗), my 4-year-old raised her hand and interrupted my praying with a request: “Mommy, I want to pray!” I stopped my prayer long enough to assure her that when I was done, she could pray too. When I was … Read more