Back to Bush Teas (And How the Children REALLY Feel About Them!)

The children went through a distressingly long bout of sicknesses these past few months. 

I remember particularly when their coughing was unresponsive to cough medicine. I gave them several doses of cough medicine but the cough still disrupted their sleep 😣.

Eventually my husband recalled that a lady sold “cold bush” in the Falmouth market. After buying this bush medicine, boiling it, and giving it to the children, they slept through the night without coughing. 

It was a welcome relief, and I took note of it.

I needed to know those bushes. I had recognised the Leaf of Life, but it wasn’t until some days later that my husband discovered what the other component in his market package was.

Here’s what Leaf of Life looks like:

Jamaican leaf of life plant,
Leaf of life plant in Jamaica,

And this is the “cold bush”, having a very minty odour and flavour👍🏽:

Traditional Jamaican cold bush,
One of the medicinal plants in Jamaica known as “Cold Bush”,

From then, and by reading more about herbs, my husband and I decided to return to these traditional ways of having bush teas. I now try to have a daily morning tea routine for myself and the children.

The reality is all four of us share one cup, as opposed to each child having his/her own cup. 

And even then, every morning I still have to do a fair amount of coaxing to get them to drink it🙄.

But, I give thanks for the progress and consistency. At least we’re getting those teas in!

Check out this video I made to show what our Lewis family morning tea routine looks like 😍!

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