Can Jesus Pay That All ?


The children got to spend a short December holiday with their maternal grandparents. 

When grandma took them shopping, one of them asked for something that wasn’t on grandma’s list (and hence, not within grandma’s budget😉).

So grandma asked ME if I could fit the bill.

I answered by jokingly singing: 🎶Jesus paid it all. 🎼All to Him I owe…🎵. 

My oldest daughter quickly turned to me and asked:

“Can Jesus pay that all?!”

OK. Fine🙄!

She was right!

When we sing or say that Jesus paid IT all, we’re only referring to the price for our sins…I knew that!

(I was jokingly using that common Christian phrase to say that I wouldn’t need to pay at the cashier because “Jesus paid it all!” Get it??🤷🏽‍♀️)

So, technically, Jesus can’t pay all alls. Certainly, I would need to pay up the people’s money or I would be accused of shoplifting!🤭

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