Back to Bush Teas (And How the Children REALLY Feel About Them!)

The children went through a distressingly long bout of sicknesses these past few months.  I remember particularly when their coughing was unresponsive to cough medicine. I gave them several doses of cough medicine but the cough still disrupted their sleep 😣. Eventually my husband recalled that a lady sold “cold bush” in the Falmouth market. … Read more

The Dinner That Smiled…

It’s not everyday that I have the motivation to be some kind of “supermom.”  But the feeling of wanting to do something outside the ordinary occasionally visits, and I get a splash of “momspiration”. (Did I just coin that word🤔🥳?) So when I was preparing a lunch for my brood, consisting of a simple rice … Read more

3 Spoons And A Lesson On Prayer

My husband processed a common fowl rooster today. (For those unfamiliar with the terminology, common fowls in Jamaica are the free-ranging chickens that forage, or are typically fed with food scraps🤗) So, my husband cooked that rooster in the pressure cooker and used a little of the meat to make some soup.  He strolled into … Read more

Something To Drink Please

Today while I was having a shower, I heard my younger daughter yelling from far away in the house. She: “Momaaaay!” Me: ‘Yes!’ (Of course I’m equally yelling back!) She: “Where are you? In the bathroom?” Me: ‘Yes!’ She finally enters the bathroom (where I am getting myself cleaned up in privacy, right?) She: “May … Read more