Mommy I Want To Pray!

As I was praying with my daughters before bed (their brother had already gone to sleep 🤗), my 4-year-old raised her hand and interrupted my praying with a request: “Mommy, I want to pray!” I stopped my prayer long enough to assure her that when I was done, she could pray too. When I was … Read more

Do My Children Give Trouble πŸ˜‡?

I was once asked by a young lady if my children give trouble.  I looked at her incredulously😧🤨…… I asked her if she was serious😆. Of course my three children born to Christian parents, who were given Biblical names and whose births were prophesied, give me trouble! The Bible says in Proverbs 22:15 –  “Foolishness … Read more

3 Spoons And A Lesson On Prayer

My husband processed a common fowl rooster today. (For those unfamiliar with the terminology, common fowls in Jamaica are the free-ranging chickens that forage, or are typically fed with food scraps🤗) So, my husband cooked that rooster in the pressure cooker and used a little of the meat to make some soup.  He strolled into … Read more

We Will Very Pray!

Dad: OK guys. I’m leaving now. Bye! The children: (With much loudness and chaos) Bye, daddy! Have a safe trip! We will pray, pray, pray for you! We will VERY pray for you! Hands up if you need someone to VERY pray for you🙋🏾‍♀️😆! Check out more unforgettable things my children have said! And there’s … Read more

But I Asked God!

I had just put my 5-year old son on a mini “grounding” for something he had done wrong.  To my surprise, a few minutes later I saw him outside playing with his sisters. Me: “What are you doing outside?! Did you ask my permission?!” My son: “But I asked God!” Me: “BUT YOU NEED TO … Read more