Dog on a Roof?!

We were at the doctor’s office one day when the children and I were pleasantly surprised! We had gone outside just to eat, but decided to stay there and enjoy the lovely garden while we waited our turn. As the children played and explored, we suddenly noticed a remarkable sight – it was a dog … Read more

Can Jesus Pay That All ?

The children got to spend a short December holiday with their maternal grandparents.  When grandma took them shopping, one of them asked for something that wasn’t on grandma’s list (and hence, not within grandma’s budget😉). So grandma asked ME if I could fit the bill. I answered by jokingly singing: 🎶Jesus paid it all. 🎼All … Read more

We Will Very Pray!

Dad: OK guys. I’m leaving now. Bye! The children: (With much loudness and chaos) Bye, daddy! Have a safe trip! We will pray, pray, pray for you! We will VERY pray for you! Hands up if you need someone to VERY pray for you🙋🏾‍♀️😆! Check out more unforgettable things my children have said! And there’s … Read more

Clarendon is Lean!

Here’s a story about my oldest daughter. Oh, the pain! I have given birth to three children. My first child was born by natural delivery; the following two were delivered by C-sections; all arrived through inexplicable pain.  After my natural delivery, my nurse asked me how it was. I told her I didn’t wish it … Read more