Children on a Roll with the Honour Roll!


The Bible reminds us that in everything, we should give thanks (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

In this post I am giving thanks for the apparent academic success of my three children who were all awardees on their school’s Principal’s Honour Roll.

I had no idea they would have qualified, because they aren’t the best in timing and attendance (for various reasons!), and sometimes they don’t even get all their homework done because dad and I are SO BUSY!!!

So although there are times when we have to owe their lunch money, and we can’t afford to buy all the books they would like, and the money just can’t seem available to get them new shoes and uniforms, I am giving thanks.

We have never had to hospitalise them even when they got sick, and now, in spite of all the challenges of school, here they are somehow finding their way onto an Honour Roll.

Go Lewis children! Mommy and Daddy are proud of you! And of course, this mystery is obviously all to God’s glory.

So how are you keeping your children in Honour Roll form? Stocking up on school supplies will definitely help!

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