Clarendon is Lean!

Here’s a story about my oldest daughter.

Oh, the pain!

I have given birth to three children. My first child was born by natural delivery; the following two were delivered by C-sections; all arrived through inexplicable pain. 

After my natural delivery, my nurse asked me how it was. I told her I didn’t wish it for my worst enemy, and it was the truth!

But motherhood continues to give me pain. It may not always be the physical pain of engorged breasts, sore nipples or even bruised eyes from an unexpected swing of my son’s tiny but mighty hands. 

Pain also comes from the emotional distress I feel when my children fall ill, or when they are outright disobedient.😔

I have to conclude that being a mother has been the most physically and emotionally hurtful eventuality in my personal history. 

Smile a while!

That being said, I do get to smile and have a good laugh on occasion. Like when I am tickled by pintsize hands, or when I see toddler-filled drums rolled around by ecstatic siblings. (Literally, my children have been known to climb into a big blue drum and let the others roll them around!🤦🏽‍♀️)

Nothing, however, can compare to the surprise of a maternal lifetime that actually took place on Mother’s Day.

Don’t blame me!

We had gone visiting family in another parish and as usual, my children were the rambunctious life of the party

As expected, there were slips and spills, disagreements and disgruntlement. My older daughter specifically had several juice spilling incidents, and she tried her best to appease mom before mom could get upset. 

Her last, unforgettable attempt at taking the blame off herself involved incriminating geological structures.

In her own words:

“Everytime I come to Clarendon I spill something on myself. Something is wrong with Clarendon – Clarendon is LEAN!”

No way her frequent clumsiness could be her fault! Her mom must be alerted to the geographic inequalities in the surrounding terrain that cause spills to keep happening. 

The ground just happened to be uneven only when her five-year old feet were walking on it!

What will happen next?

It should be interesting to hear the revolutionary excuse she’ll use to explain her next faux pas. Tsunamis, maybe?

Let me know in the comments the most hilarious thing a child ever said to you! And check out our YouTube channel – lots more fun there.

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