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If you’re like me (a woman who always loves a good bargain), this article is right up your ally!

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So, if you’re like me, you’re always up to getting a good deal. Whether it is shopping for shoes or farm produce, I like to know I’m getting the best out of my little money.

But even better than saving on funds is to not have to spend it at all.

That’s where this easy DIY deodorant comes in very handy.

Why Should You Make Your Own Deodorant?

Besides the obvious reason of saving money, there are a few other benefits to making your own deodorant at home:

  1. The ingredients you use are natural and healthier for your body
  2. You will have knowledge and a skill you can pass on to your children
  3. You will be self-sufficient, therefore making your family independent of supply chain issues
  4. It can be the start of a cottage industry business you can use to earn money from home
  5. There is less waste and less harm on the environment

Now that you understand better why making your own deodorant is such a big deal, let’s dive into my DIY deodorant secret.

My Secret DIY Deodorant

My secret DIY deodorant is lemons. And it’s not just lemons – it’s the lemons I use to make homemade lemonade or to add to homeade fruit juices, that are already cut in half and squeezed out!

Talk about a win-win!

Each time I make a batch of that delicious lemonade, I pop the cut lemons into my trusty slider bag in the freezer.

Of course you can use limes as well, but limes are a bit harsher on the skin becasue of their stronger acidity. Don’t get me wrong, limes still work as a DIY deodorant, but that juice can cause sensitive skin or even freshly shaved skin to smart (ask me how I know!) But lemon juice is a tad bit milder while working just as well, and hence, I choose to store them up.

That’s not to say lemons won’t irritate your skin too – they can! So be sure you:

  1. Don’t apply to skin you’ve scratched
  2. Don’t apply to freshly shaved skin
  3. Don’t apply if you know you have sensitive skin
  4. Don’t apply to skin if you’ve scrubbed hard during your shower ot bath

How Does Lemon Work As A Deodorant?

Lemons are part of the citrus family which is known for its acidic juice. It is this acidity that saves the day for us DIYers.

How? Well, body odour comes not from sweat per se, but as a result of certain bacteria that live on our bodies. These bacteria react with the sweat to make the foul odours we all know. The acid in lemon juice helps reduce sweat production and has strong antibacterial properties. No bacteria, no bad smell!

How Do I Use Cut Lemons As DIY Deodorant?

Using cut lemons as DIY deodorant is as simple as taking out a half, and gently rubbing the cut surface under my armpits. One piece does it for both armpits, and that gives me all-day coverage.

“But isn’t it frozen?”, you ask. Yes, my cut lemons are frozen, but you have two options:

  1. You can take it out and thaw it a little or,
  2. You can apply it as is, to your armpit, like I do. (Body heat works wonders!)

So, this is how I save money and enjoy natural freshness.

I get my lemons from a tree on the property of one of my husband’s relatives. But you could buy organic lemons instead!

Or, if you’re interested in growing your own lemon trees, try starting your own from lemon seeds.

I hope you’ve been inspired!

Thanks for stopping by:)



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