I Almost Swore Never To Go To A River Again…

My children are no strangers to fresh idea sparks.

So when they sprang an unexpected river request on their father, I wasn’t too surprised. 

They were excited, to say the least, and after doing a quick (and very minimal) packing, we were on our way.

Unfortunately, our usual spot wasn’t flowing like it used to, so dad chose to drive further up the line to another site.

My first problem was with the mud. The path to the water hole was ridiculously muddy, and my youngest daughter complained of sliding.

Mind you, the water was beautiful to look at. We admired it upon our arrival…until…

Until the mosquitoes attacked…relentlessly😣😤…so much for a good time!!!

And then it was back to mud. 

This time it wasn’t just solid, slippery mud. 

Apparently the spot had been excavated/dumped recently, and what looked like stony riverbank soon proved to be quicksand. 

It wasn’t fun. 

I was ready to leave, and as we returned to the van, I swore never to do that again

I’m taking sides with my young daughter: “mommy, I want to go to the beach! 😎”

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Click here for videos of our bitter-sweet river trip

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