Is that an America Church?

Our current home happens to be across from a church.

The building has been under construction/renovation for years, but they finally made it to the point of painting…

And then they stopped.

I’m not sure why, but the colours they had started using were red, white, and blue. I had never made any particular association with these colours, and I used to wonder what their significance was.

Well, my one and only son had a sudden spark of inspiration. Out of the blue, one day, he pointed at the building and asked me,

“Mommy, is that an America church?”

At first, I honestly could not put my finger on what he meant, so I asked him.

It was the colours, obviously!🤦🏽‍♀️ He beat me to it!

My son could spot the connection between the church colours and the colours of the American flag!

Brilliant! 🎓

But I had to explain to him that not everything with the red, white, and blue meant it was American. 

It’s amazing how children think🤗❤!

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