Mommy I Want To Pray!


As I was praying with my daughters before bed (their brother had already gone to sleep 🤗), my 4-year-old raised her hand and interrupted my praying with a request:

“Mommy, I want to pray!”

I stopped my prayer long enough to assure her that when I was done, she could pray too.

When I was through, she began.

She prayed for her sick classmates, calling them by their individual names. So if I never knew before, I now know a few names of her classmates.

She asked God that as their parents took care of them, that He should heal them from this sickness, and let them not get sick again. She asked that they would be able to come to school.

She asked God to cover each member of her family: 

“Daddy, Mommy, Nathan, Miracle and even me.” (Yes, those were her words…”even me”🙄😄🤗).

And let me not forget the request for a rainbow house, made from bricks, and for it to be pretty. 

(Here’s a little background to that prayer point. Where we live at the moment isn’t our own house and we’re not particularly comfortable there. So we’ve been praying for our own home every now and then😌)

She also prayed for us not to have bad dreams as we sleep tonight. 

Then she closed her prayer by praying for her grandma who was visiting other relatives – she asked God to let her grandma’s friends have a good night’s sleep.

And by the way, each new request was always preceded by the word “please”😌. Then the prayer was ended with:

“Thank You for hearing and answering. In Jesus’ name, amen!”

I stared at her for a while because I was so moved. Eventually I found the consciousness to say “amen” so she wouldn’t feel offended at my failure to agree. But I had no need to worry about that – as soon as she was through praying, she turned over on her pillow and fell into a peaceful sleep🌺💖😴.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten some of her prayer points.

In fact, I honestly wish I had recorded that prayer. 

Beautiful, beautiful, bowled me over, and I’m still blessedly stunned😮.

God bless her! 

And God bless you 👏🏽. 

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