My Daughter Made Me Do It!


While I was weighed down with the thought of combing my oldest daughter’s hair for school, she made things worse by putting in a style request:

“Mommy, this is the style I want – straight and curvy, and straight and curvy, going over like this,” her hand travelling to the other side of her head.

How did she know that I could accomplish such a feat😮🙄? She didn’t even ask me if I knew how to do it!

Well, I set to work, my fingers timid to do what they had not tried in YEARS. 

Of course, straight cornrows are a breeze. 

But the first curvy one just looked like a straight line that got distracted🤣. I had to do better on the next one, I told myself. 

Steadily, my hands got more assertive, and my fingers became more confident. I gradually got back in the groove. 

My grand finale was correcting the first curvy row I had made. 

I was impressed👍🏽!

You know what? Sometimes it takes someone else (in this case, a 7-year-old child) to challenge you so you can experience a new victory!

I’m still pleased about how it all turned out. I suddenly want to comb my girls’ hair🥳🙂!

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