Single file 😌

  Yesterday while walking my children to school, I asked them to walk in single file. It seemed as if the term was just sinking in their brains yesterday…you know, like the light bulb was just turned on although I’m sure they had heard it before. So today while walking them to school again, I … Read more

Dog on a Roof?!

We were at the doctor’s office one day when the children and I were pleasantly surprised! We had gone outside just to eat, but decided to stay there and enjoy the lovely garden while we waited our turn. As the children played and explored, we suddenly noticed a remarkable sight – it was a dog … Read more

Do My Children Give Trouble πŸ˜‡?

I was once asked by a young lady if my children give trouble.  I looked at her incredulously😧🤨…… I asked her if she was serious😆. Of course my three children born to Christian parents, who were given Biblical names and whose births were prophesied, give me trouble! The Bible says in Proverbs 22:15 –  “Foolishness … Read more

Back to Bush Teas (And How the Children REALLY Feel About Them!)

The children went through a distressingly long bout of sicknesses these past few months.  I remember particularly when their coughing was unresponsive to cough medicine. I gave them several doses of cough medicine but the cough still disrupted their sleep 😣. Eventually my husband recalled that a lady sold “cold bush” in the Falmouth market. … Read more

Can Jesus Pay That All ?

The children got to spend a short December holiday with their maternal grandparents.  When grandma took them shopping, one of them asked for something that wasn’t on grandma’s list (and hence, not within grandma’s budget😉). So grandma asked ME if I could fit the bill. I answered by jokingly singing: 🎶Jesus paid it all. 🎼All … Read more

The Dinner That Smiled…

It’s not everyday that I have the motivation to be some kind of “supermom.”  But the feeling of wanting to do something outside the ordinary occasionally visits, and I get a splash of “momspiration”. (Did I just coin that word🤔🥳?) So when I was preparing a lunch for my brood, consisting of a simple rice … Read more

An Art Showcase!

Ok. Yours truly has a bit of an artistic side.  I absolutely loved art classes in high school, and to this day, my art teacher is upset with me for not pursuing it. (Sorry, Mr. Wisdom🤗). I even have a YouTube channel where I share my hand-lettering artwork 👏🏽💪🏽. But this post isn’t about my … Read more