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Children in school uniform,
Children in school uniform,

Yesterday while walking my children to school, I asked them to walk in single file.

It seemed as if the term was just sinking in their brains yesterday…you know, like the light bulb was just turned on although I’m sure they had heard it before.

So today while walking them to school again, I was holding my youngest daughter’s hand and asked the two older ones to walk in single file in front of us.

My youngest daughter (who is four years old) said,

“Mommy, are you walking in single file? No…”

I hope you can imagine the sternness and disapproval in her tone.

All I could do was quietly and secretly roll my eyesπŸ™„πŸ˜’.

Suddenly she’s correcting me after ONE DAY of learning WHAT I TAUGHT HER πŸ˜‘!

Children…gotta love ’em!😁

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