Something To Drink Please


Today while I was having a shower, I heard my younger daughter yelling from far away in the house.

She: “Momaaaay!”

Me: ‘Yes!’ (Of course I’m equally yelling back!)

She: “Where are you? In the bathroom?”

Me: ‘Yes!’

She finally enters the bathroom (where I am getting myself cleaned up in privacy, right?)

She: “May I have something to drink please?”

(So I suppose she wanted water from the shower to drink🤷🏽‍♀️😆?)

Me (calmly instead of staring at her wondering how awkward this was): “Just ask your big sister to pour you some!”

She walked away obviously appeased by my answer. Hooray! Mommy saved the day! 

Who would have thought that having a shower could have turned out so interesting? But even if you don’t have a 4-year-old to yell out your name, you can make your bathroom experience as memorable with our line of bath accessories!

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