What Do My Children Watch on TV?

Here’s a funny story:

I remember once when someone found out my children don’t watch a popular cartoon (which will remain unnamed), she blurted out: “So what do they watch? That sounds boring?!”

Maybe you’re reading this and share the same viewpoint.

But I’m here to tell you that “safe media” isn’t and doesn’t always have to be equal to “dull media”. So just in case you are wondering what good entertainment a Christian family can possibly find on TV, let me reassure you.

These are the top 16 programmes my children watch as part of their Christian upbringing.

By the way, when I talk about TV, I’m referring to YouTube more than cable TV. That’s because I have more control and more options with YouTube as opposed to the flat schedule on cable. Please note, too that I haven’t listed these videos in any order of preference!

So, here we go! These are the YouTube channels/videos we love to watch as a Christian family with young children!

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1. The Swiss Family Robinson

I read an abridged version of this timeless classic when I was a child, but I now realise it has been retold more times than I can count. That means you’ll find many variations to the one story originally written by clergyman Johann Wyss. Our favourite versions are from Little Fox and next in line, the ones with a little girl called Becca.

But trust me, the ones from Little Fox are the ultimate. The character Becca is sometimes rude and I have to be reminding my children that she’s not a good example. I couldn’t find a direct link for a playlist for the one from Little Fox but a YouTube search for “Little Fox Swiss Family Robinson” should help you out.

Later update: I found a link for 26 episodes of Little Fox’s Swiss Family Robinson!!!

2. Bugtime Adventures

We LOVE Bugtime Adventures! These are stories from the Bible told from the perspective of some critters who are learning lessons in parallel with their human counterparts.

Be warned though – you might need to filter some of the stories against how they’re told in the Bible. Take the story of Rahab for instance. She is depicted as being almost a “good” person when…well…we all know she wasn’t quite the righteous gal.How Many Animals Were on the Ark?

But I guess sometimes they try to temper the content for a child audience🤷🏾‍♀️. In those situations I discuss the real story with my children or just point out to them that isn’t how it’s told in the Bible.

You might ask what’s the point of that but it’s turning out to be quite the teaching aide. It’s like a way of testing their Bible knowledge!

3. Iesodo

Iesodo is one we really enjoy too! Once again, it uses animals (in this case birds) to depict some New Testament stories. The character called Iesodo is the representation of Jesus. (Iesodo is Japanese for “Jesus’ way of life”).

The stories are not told chronologically or in Bible order, though. Several characters and events are interwoven to create individual episodes, but all lessons are Biblical lessons. It also comes with songs in each episode, and there are a number of opportunities to laugh.

Look out for Jacob and Jack – they are two pelicans representing John and James dubbed as the “Sons of thunder” in the Bible. They are super funny:)

4. Theo Presents

We can’t find enough good words to say about this Christian animated series!

Yet again, there are some funny animals helping to make the stories hilarious, in the form of two house mice. But this time, there is an old man called Theo who teaches Bible truths using the antics of the busybody mice as a launching pad for those teachings.

Each episode is short and the children don’t get the chance to be bored, despite the fact that Theo teaches about some deep things like salvation, redemption, justification etc.

5. Kids Ten Commandments

This animation centres around a family that is part of the Israelite camp that came from out of Egypt. The specific characters are fictional and the events too, but they use the stories to help explain the ten commandments and how they can be lived out. Animals and humans form part of the story and songs are used in each episode to liven things up.

The music is very good, I must say! Hats off to the writers and composers of their songs!

One word of note: they do speak about the Sabbath, so if you’re not into that, you might want to skip that episode or just not expose your children to it at all. Otherwsie, it’s a great teaching tool for children to learn the Ten Commandments!

6. Children’s Heroes of the Bible (aka Great Stories)

This series is another favourite that depicts Old Testament

and New Testament stories.

We love how the stories are told, we love the introductory song, and the stories are mostly on point when it comes to lining up with Scripture.

The animation looks old but it’s a classic and a go-to cartoon when I’m trying to fill a gap for the children to watch something different.

7. Little Big Heroes Bible Stories for Kids

We love this channel for it’s short and sweet Bible stories and for its songs too. We also enjoy its sister channel Pequenos Heroes.

Stories are told about major Bible characters (or heroes) like Joseph and Mary, David, Moses, Esther, Noah and even Paul the apostle.

8. Stories of the Bible by Saddleback Kids

This channel is a big hit with my children because the stories are narrated and illustrated in a fun way.

The stories are told in a humorous and short way, and the lessons are lined up with Scripture. They include stories from both the Old and New Testament like The Prodigal Son, John the Baptist, Ruth and Naomi, and of course, Jesus!

9. Character Builders

These stories show positive character traits and emphasise how they are beneficial for children to have.

Starred by Stevie and Nancy, the two children have adventures with animal characters as they have fun in Agapeland and interact with the Music Machine!

Some positive traits they teach about are faith, self-control, responsibility, obedience, confidence and joy.

10. God Rocks

God Rocks is a favourite because of their music as well as their stories. The stories are original stories with practical life lessons like being yourself, love, and forgiveness. The characters are rocks which are named based on geographical terms like Chip, Gem, and Splinter (get it?). The songs are all Bible verses which helps with Scripture memorisation for children.

Bear in mind that there are occasional references to things like Wizard of Oz and other cultural nuances you might not want your children to connect with (I don’t!).

Otherwise, it’s a favourite and it has some very entertaining music and storylines.

11. Gracelink “All Bible stories About”

Short, sweet and pretty, these are Bible stories or original stories told by a narrator to get children to understand the Bible.

It’s a relaxing experience for my children to watch these videos. The episodes are so short that we almost always end up watching a whole compilation without the children becoming bored.

12. Freedom Kids

Unfortunately this channel has not uploaded anything new in a long time. But that doesn’t mean you and your family can’t find any value in it. The videos aren’t animated but include real children and original songs.

Each lesson is a word from Scripture that is repeated, read in a verse, and illustrated beautifully with pictures. The videos come in different themes like animals, worship, body parts, etc. There is one song for each video too.

They are always a blessing for us to watch!

13. Davey and Goliath

This clay-animated series depicts a Christian family with a boy, Davey, and his dog Goliath. It is a really old animation I grew up watching way back in the day. Created by the Lutheran Church in America, it shows Davey and his dog having several adventures and learning truths along the way. The dog, Goliath, is an absolute favourite with the children because he’s so funny.

No songs are done here, just lots of childhood activity and family time. From trains to school to flying kites, there is something for children to enjoy and identify with.

But just like Becca in Swiss Family Robinson, the main character, Davey is not always a good example for children. Look out for those behaviours and warn your children not to follow him (if you’ll be watching it all).

14. Max Lucado’s Hermie and Friends

Based on the adventures of some garden bugs, Max Lucado shares some Bible-based lessons on things like prayer, obedience, unity and love. Each episode has a song and is very entertaining. However, you should still watch out for cultural references that you may not approve of, like an episode with pirates🙅🏾‍♀️!

15. Story Keepers

The Story Keepers tells the story of Ben the baker, a Christian leader and his family’s adventures living in Ancient Rome. Most of his family consist of children who he has temporarily adopted because their parents were thought to be dead. They seek to keep Jesus’s stories alive during the 1st century, all while dodging the detection of Roman soldiers.

It’s fun, but it’s also serious in what it teaches about the realities of Christian persecution.

16. Paws and Tales

This is last but NOT LEAST on my list of things to watch for Christian children. I love it and the children love it too.

Stories are set in a small community of Wildwood where the characters display issues and resolutions among school age peers. Biblical lessons are learned such as prayerfulness, faith, and sharing.

Every episode is a must-see and they are all worth watching over and over again!

DVD’S Available

For many of these videos, DVD purchases are available, so if you want to support these creators, please check out the option to buy on Amazon or their websites 🙂

Closing Thoughts

This list isn’t exhaustive – I’m sure you can find other good quality channels and videos for Christian children to watch!

I also want to point out that even though some videos are found on certain channels, it doesn’t automatically mean I approve of every single thing that channel has. In many cases I don’t allow my children to watch the entire channel – just a select playlist.

And even for those videos we do watch, I need to make a spiritual disclaimer again: there are some scenes and words and actions that I don’t approve of in some of these videos.

One example comes from Davey and Goliath. In one episode, their Christian dad was clearly seen smoking! So, although these programmes are good, they aren’t always perfect, and may not suit your moral standards.

You might find too much emphasis was made on some scary images. That happens in the Swiss Family Robinson with the little girl called Becca.

Still yet, there are several occasions where the cartoons tell a Bible story one way that is different from how the Bible tells it. For example, in one cartoon (not mentioned in the list above), Aaron was depicted as dying in a tent in the Israelite camp. However, when that story is told in the Bible (Numbers 20:27-29), Aaron was taken up to Mount Hor along with his oldest son, Eleazar. Aaron was stripped of his priestly clothes and they were placed on his son. Then, he died in the mountain so that three men went up, but only two came down. That’s VERY different from what the cartoon showed!!!

Despite these drawbacks, I still let my children enjoy and learn from these cartoons. However, I have some solutions that I use as the need arises:

  1. I just don’t let my children watch particular episodes with questionable scenes and content
  2. If it does turn up, I’ll ask my children to assess if what was happening was right or wrong
  3. Sometimes we just take breaks, period. There are occasions where my children will be watching a series over and over again and I’ll just start feeling bothered. Once this happens we take a week or so off that video.

Again, it goes back to the freedom and flexibility I have with using YouTube (more or less)!

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