Who Needs Toys?!

I sat with a brother-in-law on our verandah the other day while my children played.

As we watched them banging, sliding, and throwing bottles in absolute delight, I asked him:

“Who needs toys?!”

We then started reminiscing about how we grew up making our own toys. We made balls from old juice boxes stuffed with random plastic. 

Skipping ropes were pulled from vines in the bushes around our homes. Bats were sourced from old dry coconut branches. 

I remember using crushed hibiscus leaves as a kind of green “chalk” to mark the lines for playing hopscotch.

Now, my children stack old juice boxes to make towers and use a folded shirt (courtesy of me, of course) as their ball to hit down the towers. A kind of bowling game – sort of🤔🤭.




















And you know what? They (actually, we) have loads of fun, and I don’t need to spend money on extra store-bought toys. Plus, if you add to the mix how we’re recycling our stuff, it’s a win-win-win👍🏽.

Don’t get me wrong: we (especially their grandparents!) buy toys and games for them. I’m actually  preparing a mental list of some toys I want to purchase for my children in the near future, like this jigsaw puzzle! Jigsaw puzzles are timeless classics for children!

But even then, I’ll leave them to be as creative, resourceful and ingenious as they can be in designing their own toys!

Watch these videos of the Lewis children at play…I promise you’ll smile! 

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